Why ubiSales?

Real Time Data

Our sales optimization software gives you real time visibility of inquiries. A quick, updated view of sales pipeline generated in graphical or tabular format. Spot trends and patterns in sales data at all stages of the sales cycle. All this and so much more with the help of comprehensive dashboards

Low Investment risk

Say goodbye to bulky, expensive software. SAAS based -ubiCRM has minimal cost because of subscription model. There is no setup cost. No maintenance fee and zero upgrade charges.

Setup in minutes

A few minutes of setup time and you’re good to go. No IT support, no extraneous hardware, no peripheral software! Installation is remote and upgrades are automatic. Bugs, if any are fixed free of charge.

Works anywhere

ubiCRM is platform independent, web based inquiry management software. Windows, Mac OS and Linux…Phones, Laptops, Desktops– it runs on every system. Log in from the comfort of your desk or from the sunny beaches of your dream vacation. Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow.

Tailored for you

Fully customizable. Create your own email templates or edit the predefined templates. Save them for future use. View only the information relevant to your business. Do away with the unnecessary clutter.

Easy Navigation

Organize all your sales related tasks to a single screen. Ensure increased productivity by consolidating all lead information in a single place. Filter your contacts by location or product. Save time and avoid workspace clutter through our neat and simple tool

Promote Selling

Promote your business better. Target customers and leads through mass newsletters and promotional mailers. Send newsletters to a categorized list in the system.

Data Safety

Data is mirrored on the server along with manual backup to ensure double safety. Our ubiCRM clients can relax in the knowledge that their data is secured with a server with UPS power back-up generator.

More Leads

Get all your contacts at one place. Not a single inquiry loss.

Better Sales

Automate, analyze & close sales deals - all with ubiCRM and its magical capabilities.

Happier Customers

With the ready contact information you can satisfy Customers' queries. Attend to each inquiry fully informed.